BTS Jung Kook’s ‘Butter’ Stage CAM Currently Most Viewed, Most Liked & Most Commented Individual Member SiriusXM CAM on YouTube

Jung Kook‘s Butter focus cam at SiriusXM has surpassed 3 Million Views on YouTube! Jung Kook’s ‘Butter’ Stage CAM for SiriusXM is the First and Fastest to reach 1M, 2M and 3M views. It’s the Most viewed, Most Liked, and Most Commented Butter Stage CAM among all BTS members.

Jungkook’s ‘Butter’ direct cam, achieved the shortest 2 million views, the most ‘likes’, it has been the most popular videos on the chart for 10 hours. BTS Jungkook’s SiriusXM Butter fancam video surpassed 2 million views in the shortest time, setting a record for charting in popular videos worldwide for the longest period of time.

Among countries around the world, Japan, in particular, climbed to 15th place and India to 8th place in the music category, and achieved more than 400,000 ‘likes’ and 20,000 ‘comments’ in 10 hours, the highest number of ‘likes’ and ‘Comment’ record. YouTube search also recorded the highest number of searches after Jungkook’s English name ‘jungkook’ was released.

Jungkook’s ‘Butter’ Stage CAM for SiriusXM was trending Worldwide on YouTube under the Music Category at #115. It’s the only individual member fancam in the chart.

Jungkook‘s SiriusXM Butter Fancam is a HOT topic, trends the highest among all SiriusXM fancams Worldwide on Youtube, Japan & in different states of India, the Most Viewed, Liked & Commented, posts about his legendary fancam and performance are a HOT topic on Korean Communities

Jungkook’s fancam beat several records

Jung Kook’s fancam was Fastest member to reach 400k, 500k, 600k and 700k views, Fastest member to 200k likes, Only BTS Member to surpass 250k likes and Only BTS Member with 10k comments

Jungkook’s ‘Butter’ Stage CAM for SiriusXM trended in Japan under the Music Category at #17. It’s currently the only individual member focus cam trending in the chart.

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