BTS’ Jimin Shared His Playlist Of Songs that He Listens To When He’s Alone On BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

We all have those songs that we love to listen to when we are alone. Songs that have so much meaning that you just want to be selfish with them and listen in solitude as you enjoy the beats, rhythms, sound and words. BTS’ Jimin, has those songs, songs he listens to when he is alone. He says he loves to listen to music when alone, when he walks alone, in the evening, songs that truly comfort him.

“Greetings from Melon station BH Music Record. Hello, this is Jimin from BTS. We are listening at each playlists from BTS through BH music record, today’s my turn, Jimin from BTS. There’s a theme for my playlist. which is the songs that BTS Jimin listens to when he’s alone. I really love to listen to music when I’m alone. (The songs that I listen to) When I walk alone, in cars going schedule, or do nothing in the evening… and I want to share those comforting songs, so I came here.” Jimin

“Especially I wanted to share the songs in times like this. Okay, so before I share my playlist, let’s listen to this song first, the first song on my play list, Coffeshop from Barbra Lica. Yes, you are listening to BTS Jimin from BH Music record. The next song on my playlist is A Song About Being Sad from Rex Orange County. I enjoy to listen this song, and also the lyrics are very interesting.” Jimin

I also thought about what this song actually wants to say, a lot. Is it talking about that only you can love yourself or just a sad story literally as the title, and I enjoyed this song figuring out it. I hope you guys enjoy it as well. I’ll come back after the song.” Jimin

“Yes, that was the song. Next song on Jimin’s playlist. It’s In Return from Breakbot. I really really like this song. I almost listen this song at least once in 2 or 3 days. As I searched (info for) this song since I wanted to share the song with you, I found that this song’s from the movie Like Crazy. I also haven’t seen the movie, so I thought I can share it with you and I can watch that movie too. It’s very therapeutic, not only the mood of the song, but the lyrics too. I really wanted to share this with you because it’s a very relaxing and beautiful song. I’ll come back after the song.” Jimin

“Yep, you’re listening to the songs in my playlist which I like to listen. I wonder how you guys feel about it. The next song is I Need Some Sleep from Eels. I think many of you already know this song.” Jimin

“The songs I usually listen when I’m alone are mostly gloomy and a bit somber, but to me, songs like that feel therapeutic. And it’s okay to be moody when you’re alone right? So that’s why I’m listening to these songs. The songs really help you sleep so I hope you guys also enjoy the songs. Let’s listen.” Jimin

Melon station, BH Music Record, you’re listening to BTS’ playlist, and today was from me, Jimin. So I shared my playlist with you. Well, I haven’t recommended songs to other people, except I recommend to you guys in the past, but I rarely do that, so I thought about what songs I’ve listened to and what was I thinking while listening to them. I also get to know details while searching the songs to share with you guys, and it was amazing.” Jimin

“Well, my recommendations might make you more gloomy when you’re already low, but I think this can be therapeutic as it is. I hope this affects you in a good way, and I also had a great time today. Thank you for listening, and there’s only one left from BTS with BH Music Record.” Jimin

“Only one left right? I believe you already know but I’ll give you a hint about the last member. This guy lacks athletic ability but it feels like he’s not. Can you guess from that? There’s only one left, so you’ll already know who it is, but he’s so good at dancing, so good at performing, and so awesome. And I think only one who can do the so called “grown-up sexy”. Have a great time with the next guy, and BTS with BH Music Record, Jimin episode will end here.” Jimin

“For the last song, this would be great. Our forever friend, Khalid. I once ran into him when I was alone in a hotel, he was really kind to me and I still remember it a lot. Saturday Night from my friend Khalid. Guys, it’s a remix and I hope you enjoy it” Jimin

“I will meet you with better of me, so until then, please take care and have a good day with our new song Butter! It was Jimin from BTS. Thank you!” Jimin

Open his Playlist to listen

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