BTS’ Jung Kook Shared His Playlist Of Songs That He Often Listens To Returning Home From Work On BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

When you are going home from work and are tired, here’s BTS Jung Kook’s song playlist of songs that help him calm down as he goes home. On 4th June 2021, Jungkook appeared on Big Hit Music Record on Melon Station and shared his playlist. “Greetings from Mel0n Station Big Hit Music Record. Hello, I’m Jungkook. We released our new single Butter and started the Big Hit Music Record as a whole. It’s a bummer just for once, right? So I brought a more special time. The seven members of BTS are introducing and sharing their playlist. RM did it last time, right? Let’s move on to Jungkook’s music today...

When I think about the songs I usually listen to, there were a lot of calm songs. This playlist is calm. I listen to it alone in the room or in the car. I feel like I’m the main character of a music video.” Jung Kook

We’ve selected songs that can make you feel that Way i always listen to this kind of song. When I go home from work, I get calmer. So I chose the songs that I listened to then. Your life and my life may be different and my environment may be different, but I thought you might sympathize with this feeling, so I brought this topic. I’ll start Jungkook’s playlist with this song. This song has lyrics similar to how I feel towards ARMY. Let me play Emmitt Fenn’s yellow song.” Jung Kook

“How was it? Did you enjoy the song? I usually look up the lyrics. But we’re not good at English. We might not understand the song perfectly yet. But before that, I always think the mood is important, so I chose this song based on the mood, so I ask for your understanding. I might not be able to introduce the song well, but just listen to the song. There are two songs that I’m going to play next. Hailee Steinfeld’s Long Direction and Gracie Abrams’ I miss you, I’m sorry.” Jung Kook

“Yes, I listened to the song. This song is about love and eternity. It’s about pain. I’m good at finding sad songs. There’s a video of  interpreting the lyrics. I think you’ll get a new feeling if you listen to it while looking for it. I’m on my way back home after finishing all my work. When I feel heavy, I’m introducing songs that I usually listen to on my playlist. Let’s move on to the next song. This song feels similar to the two songs I just played. If it was just a scar before, if it was a scar of love, it’s an understanding and sentimental song. JP Saxe Julia Michael If The World Was Ending” Jung Kook

Everyone now You are watching Jungkook’s episode of BTS’s Big Hit Music Record. Today, I’m introducing Jungkook’s playlist. Let’s move on to the next song. The next song is Sasha Sloan’s Older. I don’t know if it’s her prediction when she was young, but I guess there were a lot of bad things when I saw my parents when I was young. Some of the hurt sides. But when I got older, I understood people, and my parents weren’t heroes, and they were all the same people as me. It was a song that I understood and understood. So I thought a lot after listening to this song. I should be grow up too. Anyway, let’s listen to Older.” Jung Kook

Who’s on the next playlist? Melon Station Big Hit Music Record. Today, I’m with Jungkook’s playlist. How was it? I’m a bit shy today. I’m not good at hosting. It’s really hard. But with Melon, Melon gave me a chance. But it’s still a fun new time. I don’t have the ability to lead by myself. I was worried a lot. But it’s more fun than I thought. I think it would be great if you liked any of these songs. It was really meaningful because I was able to introduce my own music recommendations today” Jung Kook

“And it’s not the end of the day. The next member who will succeed RM and Jungkook is waiting. You’re curious, right? I know. What should I say about this member? It’s white. It’s white. It’s a hint I can give you. Unfortunately, I’ll introduce the last song of the day. BTS’s Big Hit Music Record, Jungkook’s episode! Let’s wrap it up. The lyrics itself are centered around the singer. Artists, celebrities, actors, and so on. On the surface, it’s very fancy and cool. There is pain inside it.” Jung Kook

“Everyone has their own pain. As a singer, I feel a bit emotional. It’s that kind of song. Let’s listen to Justin Bieber’s Lonely and say goodbye. BTS will continue to come to you in various ways. Please look forward to it. I’m Jungkook of BTS. Goodbye.” Jung Kook

Open and listen to Jungkook’s playlist

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