“Marimond” a Fashion & Accessory Brand Thanked BTS’ SUGA For Always Championing The Rights Of Women & Children

SUGA, BTS’ rapper and producer has always fought for the rights of the under priviledged, whether it be in his music like part of the lyrics of the song “Never Mind” “We are still young and immature, don’t even worry about it, Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll, If you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all, Never mind, It’s not easy but engrave in onto your chest, If you feel like you’re going to crash then accelerate, you idiot, Come on…” Having grown up in not the best of conditions and having to fight to accomplish his dreams, SUGA knows the true meaning of suffering and needing someone to hold your hand and tell you it will be alright.

Marymond, a fashion and accessory brand to help women in Asian countries who were victims of abuse after the Japanese occupation during World War II, took to Instagram to thank BTS’ SUGA for wearing their accessories that have enabled them to spread the message to stop violence against women and children.

They noted that at BTS concerts, he wore a red bracelet with a silver flower shape, one of the Marymond collections and was again spotted with a mirror from the company’s collection at one of their fansigns.

“Thanks to ‘Min Yoongi’, an artist who wears special accessories to convey a message at every event such as fan signing events or album release showcases, we were able to take a step closer to solving the problem of violence against women and children, including the ‘comfort women’ issue in the Japanese military today. Among the marymond products that artists have worn in the past, we introduce ‘gentleman’, which means a just step towards peace. * The gentian contains the story of the survivor of human rights activist ‘Ahn Jeom-soon’, and the product used, the pocket mirror gentian, is not currently for sale.” Marymond

SUGA has always shown his support for various causes through speaking about them or wearing symbols that hold meaning to a cause through clothes and accessories. During one of their visits’ to BTS’ pop up store, fans recognized the shoes that SUGA was spotted wearing a limited LovePack edition by Vans that were designed for the LGBQ pride month. He is part of BTS’ “Love Myself Campaign” and always encourages fans whenever he has a V live or during events

During his speech at the 2020 “Dear Class of 2020” SUGA spoke about learning to let go of what you cannot control, the need to paint the largest picture to make your dreams come true because your possibilities are limitless

“This might not be the grand finale that you had imagined, and a fresh start might seem far away. Take your hands off what you can’t control, and get your hands on what you can change. As you and I continue on in life, we will find ourselves in so many situations out of our grasp. The only thing we can control is ourselves. Get your hands on the changes you can make., because your possibilities are limitless.”

_ SUGA (part of Dear Class of 2020 speech)

SUGA understands that life is not perfect and sometimes it may not go as you wish or even planned, but getting up, dusting yourself and reaching out your hand for help is what makes you stronger and able to face whatever life brings on your end.

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