BTS’ Released Version 3 Concept Photos for New Single “Permission to Dance” Now We Want To Wash Cars!

Or be the car!

Version 3 of BTS’ “Butter” CD version drops and BTS have decided to attack ARMY once again with visuals, visuals, visuals. The 3rd concept photos feature the members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook at a gas station. They are all dressed in retro denim looks from overalls to jeans to dungaree to shorts. And then they are washing the car, several poses have the members all foamed up with sponges washing the car. If anyone can make a task like washing a car, be sexy, its none other than these Bangtan boys, men. beg your pardon!

The concept photos is a series of teasers for their new upcoming single “Permission to Dance” that will be a gift for AERMY’ S birthday that is coming up on 9th July. With so many different vibes that they have given from the first concept to the second concept and now this third one, it is pretty hard to guess what direction the new single will take. The concept photos and teasers and clips for the original “Butter” were completely different from the song once it was released, so this one, we will leave it up to our imagination and wait to see what BTS will shock us and surprise us with next!

j-hope has changed his hair again! Blonde with pink streaks, what is this man trying to do to us? we are hardly recovered from platinum Hoseok and Ombre Hoseok!

BTS’ Jung Kook
BTS’ j-hope
BTS’ Jin
BTS’ Jimin

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