BTS’ Jung Kook’s Mole & Some Tattoos Missing In Latest “Butter” Concept Photos?


BTS ARMYs are perceptive human beings and therefore do not miss a single detail whenever it comes to BTS. Even the most miniscule detail that most people would have not gotten, they will be quick to notice. The 3rd photo concept for BTS’ upcoming single “Butter” have just been released and all everyone could see were the beautiful visuals that the photos were giving off.

One fan noted that as compared to the other concept photos where Jung Kook’s tattoos were on full display, in these 3rd concept photos, Jung Kook’s tattoos are fully covered by his long sleeved top and only a bit of the tattoos at the back of his palm are showing. Plus Jung Kook’s mole at the bottom of his lower lip is no longer visible.

Now people would debate on the reasons why that would be, maybe it is on the company side, maybe it is on Jung Kook’s side, either way it is not possible to try and figure out why this 3rd version is different from the first two in terms of Jung Kook’s tattoos. The details do not take away from the beauty and creativity that is the concept photos, but somehow the uniqueness that is Jung Kook’s lower lip mole and tattoos somehow disappears.

The tweet that brought about the debate read, “When BIGHIT MUSIC can’t decide whether or not to erase JK’s tattoos, ANYWAY JEON JUNGKOOK YOU ARE AT ANOTHER LEVEL OF BEAUTY!”

Some comments from fans who noticed it as well…

“I still can’t figure out why they removed them here but not in any of the other concept photos”

“Maybe it’s for the concept??idk they never edit his tattoos so there must be a reason??!”

“They always edit his tattoos, only in the recent pics they hadn’t and I thought we were moving forward. They also erased his mole and in a summer concept he is wearing a practically winter outfit, it doesn’t even make sense”

“They even removed his beautiful mole below his lips”

“Where is mole under his lip Like I was thinking what is missing on my boy picture”

“Maybe bighit has reasons, we dont know.”

“Concept 1 and 2 didn’t erase any right?”

“After Muster I hoped we were over it but oh well…”

“Long sleeves for a summer concept thank god jk is carrying with his visuals because wtf”

What do you think? Was is unintentional or was it planned?

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