BTS’ Jin, SUGA & RM Reacts to “Butter’s” #1 For 5th Week On Billboard Hot 100 US Chart

BTS “Butter” has taken over the world by getting another #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. BTS have dominated the chart for the whole month of June starting from when “Butter” was released on 21st May and debuted at #1 on the charts, Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global 200 Excl. US. On 28th June “Butter” added its fifth #1 and the members are surprised, both excited and shocked but mostly thankful..

BTS tweeted the news and captioned the tweet “What is happening?

BTS’ RM took to Weverse and shared the Billboard chart and a photo of him, j-hope and Jin in conversation,

BTS RM on Weverse
BTS RM on Weverse

SUGA posted 2 updates, one of him being excited about the #1 for 5 weeks and a tweet about passing the baton

BTS SUGA on Weverse

“I believe it was worth it to not fall asleep…!! (Getting #1 for) 5 weeks is a little scary but I’m happy at the same tomw… hehehehehehehehehe I love you ARMY! Thank you so much and let’s enjoy (together)!!” SUGA

BTS’ SUGA on Weverse

“Baton touch let’s gooooo!!!” SUGA

BTS Jin also updated on Weverse thanking ARMY for the win

BTS’ Jin on Weverse

“wow to say that we’re no1 for 5 weeks thank you so much. because of army, we are experiencing really amazing/marvelous things! i love you” Jin

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