“MIN YOONGI” Causing ARMYs Breakdown After BTS’ New “Butter” Concept Photos Release

BTS’s official account, BigHit Music posted “Butter” Concept Photo version 1, a few minutes later ‘MIN YOONGI‘ was at #24 trend worldwide with more than 34K tweets, likewise it’s trend in other countries of the world! He is now trending at #8 because ARMYs are having a break down over how good he looks. From his choker, to his pink extensions on is black haired mullet, to his pose on the couch, to his anklet, fans are needing a moment to breathe, a moment to appreciate this man Min Yoongi.

“MIN YOONGI” and “Suga” entered the Twittersphere with 18.9 tweets and 144k tweets respectively.

It is clear that Min Yoongi aka SUGA aka AgustD did not come to play, he is looking effortlessly sexy, fine like wine and he stares into your soul like you have a secret to tell him and ARMYs are not okay, not at all, the man is coming for their hearts and sanity!

In conclusion…

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