Our Favourite Moments You Might Have Missed On RUN BTS! Episode 143

RUN BTS! is back with a second episode after taking a break. On 22nd June BTS entertained viewers on their variety show that showcased their artistic talents. On the show the members were divided into two teams of three each, SUGA was not there for the show. The members assigned roles of eho would be the narrator of the fairy tale and who would do the pictorials for the fairy tales.

BTS’ Jin was quick to narrate two story ideas, which they chose one. Jung Kook was the one to draw the fairy tales. RM worked with Jin as V ended up working with j-hope. Jimin called SUGA and they asked him if he would narrate the stories

At the end of the show ARMY had a pleasant surprise when SUGA appeared in the last section and he was assigned the tast of reading all the stories, which he did pretty well, with sound effects and all, but the he had a piece of advise to the members too!

Yoongi deciding BTS should ditch any ideas of being writers

Our favorite TaeKook moments

j-hope continuing the SoPe agenda

Jin’s hot dog story he made up in an instant

Our favourite VMin moment

Jung Kook’s refreshing laughter

SUGA narrating BTS’s stories

A giggly Jimin

Taehyung’s reaction to someone laughing after revealing he wants to take up fairytale writting

The members testing Jin’s patience, as they always do

Our favorite VHope moment

Taehyung narrating his story, totally in character

Jung Kook’s drawing of j-hope’s fairytale character

Jin stealing RM’s anwers

Our favourite MiniMoni moment

Jimin being cheeky

It became a “Try not to laugh challenge”

j-hope’s giggles

Watch the full episode below

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