“TAECHWITA the Movie” + Other Creative Memes That Remind You Never To Leave BTS ARMY With a Blank Canvas, They Will Use it!


ARMY (BTS fans) are some of the most intelligent, creative, sharp, artistic humourous individuals in the world. Give them a blank canvas and you will be awed and made to laugh heartily thus making your day. Whether is is art, music, facts, ideas, theories, there is nothing that they will not indulge in for or with BTS, nothing.

On the 13th of June, BTS performed during their MUSTER Sowoozoo where they were celebrating 8 years of being together as BTS. One of their most iconic and unforgetabble performance was when all the members perdormed SUGA’s song “Daechwita” Jimin kicked off the intro, then Jin, Jungkook and then RM. RM’s part was where SUGA would almost be beheaded in the original music video.

RM was the executioner and V was the one being beheaed. V was in complete character mode complete with a mustache and the facial expressions. He rapped the next verse after RM and thus “Taechwita” was born.

“Taechwita” is a play on SUGA’s song “Daechwita” and one of V’s nicknames “Tae” following the birth of that meme, fans have been gathering their creative juices to create their own versions of “Taechwita” from adding Taechwita to iconic movies like Titanic, series like “Game of thrones”, supermarket memes, even to BTS’ past photo shoots, “Taechwita” was all over the twittersphere!

Here are a “few” Taechwita memes to make your day.

Can you spot taechwita?
Can you spot taechwita?
Cam you spot taechwita?

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