The Twilight Saga Reacts To BTS’ Jin Mentioning The Movie On Their RUN BTS Episode, Lionsgate Wants a Movie Role for Jin?

During an episode of RUN BTS! members were asked to name fairy tales that had or involved wolves. Jin immediately went “Twilight” to which the others burst out laughing. A fan tweeted the clip of Jin mentioning “Twilight” and the twitter handle for the movie series retweeted that fan’s tweet and wrote “omg jin thinks about us” in the comment thread section Lionsgate posted an older picture of Jin with the captions “Interesting, very interesting” immediately activating the demand for “Actor Jin

Jin’s comment about Twilight

Twilight Saga’s response to tweet

This is not the first time that the Twilight Saga has mentioned the BTS members, during their In The SOOP episodes, a clip of V flipping a bat with his hands went viral as he was compared to Japser Cullen one of the characters in the Twilight Saga movie series.

BTS’ Jin

Lionsgate joined the conversation and simply said, interesting, very interesting. Lionsgate is an American-Canadian entertainment company. Aside from home video distribution of films sub-licensed from other studios, Lionsgate’s library consists of its own in-house productions. Lionsgate has a home video library of more than 13,000 films with all of the former Artisan Entertainment releases including such titles as Dirty Dancing, Earth Girls Are Easy, Army of One, Total Recall, and the Rambo series.

Lionsgate response to retweet

Lionsgate also distributes select NBC programs such as Will & Grace, Little House on the Prairie and The Biggest Loser; Mattel’s Barbie-branded videos and Clifford the Big Red Dog videos from the Scholastic Corporation and was also the former home video distributor of HIT Entertainment titles in the United States, including Barney & Friends, Thomas & Friends, and Fraggle Rock.

Lionsgate owns Starz, a premium-tier cable network, and related channels including Starz Encore, and MoviePlex. In addition, Lionsgate also co-owns Celestial Tiger Entertainment with Saban Capital Group and Celestial Pictures. With such an impressive repertoire, it is a big deal that they even though about Jin for a slight second. And it is no doubt that Jin would be a great actor, if he so wishes to dabble in acting and/or the company allows him the time to dabble in it.

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