Maple Story Announced its First Golden Hands Awards, Picks BTS’ Jin As One Of The Final Judges

BTS Jin has always loves Maple Story and evwn the other mebers know how much he is obsessed with the game. When it was announced that BTS would be developing their own special characters, Jin was the most excited one of the bunch and his excitement was evident and even infectious. It is therefore no surprise that he was named as one of the judges in an upcoming Maple Story competition.

Maple Story Announced on their official website that Jin will be the final judge and will join in selecting the winner of the Character Design Award.

BTS Jin’s profile with his TinyTan Dynamite version

From categories such as costume set, hair, pet and plastic surgery, Jin and the other judges will select the final winners after fans have voted for the top 50 in each category. Voting can be done up to 5 times a day for each field. (Total 20 times per day) However, you can vote only once per day for the same work. Source

BTS Jin’s Maple Story character

Jin’s profile reads “Maple Warrior Kim Seokjin. Warrior with 18 years of experience. Creator of the Black Swan set. Worldwide Handsome

He said “I’ll choose a cute and pretty one just like my handsome face

MapleStory  is a free-to-play 2D, side scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Wizet a South Korean company.

BTS during their Maple character development

In the game, players travel the “Maple World”, defeating monsters  and developing their characters’ skillsand abilities as is typical in  role-playing games. Players can interact with others in many ways, including chatting and trading. Groups of players can band together in parties  to hunt monsters and share rewards.

And can also form guilds to interact more easily with each other. Players additionally have the option to visit the in-game “Cash Shop” to purchase a variety of character appearances or gameplay enhancements with real money.

Winners of the competirion will be annoubced on 1st September 2021

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