BTS’ Jin Sells Out The Knitwear He Was Wearing During His “Butter” Photobooth Session

Midas Touch. That is exactly what describes BTS members, everything they touch turns to gold. Whether they are wearing designer items or randomly selected casual wear, the item usually sells out in minutes. BTS have been sharing their photo collection (photo booth) for their upcoming “Butter” CD. On 23rd June it was Jin’s turn to enter the photo booth and take his shots.

ARMY were not only mesmerized by Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s good looks, but they took notice of the sweater he was wearing.

The black sweater that Jin was wearing appears to have the logo of Devá States, an Indonesian clothing label since 2015.

BTS Jin’s photobooth

On the brand’s website, the sweater is one of their Spring-Summer 2021 collection_ “Circadian Rhythm.” The BODIES Knitted Sweater, is priced at IDR 950 thousand, (approximately USD 66)

The sweater is still sold out today 24th June

BTS debuted “Butter” on 21st May and broke several records (5 Guiness world records) and has stayed ontop of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 4 consecutive weeks!

BTS revealed that they would be releasing a CD version for “Butter” on 9th July which is BTS’ ARMY’s birthday as a gift to thank them for the love thar they have given “Butter”

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