WHAT YOONGI WANTS YOONGI GETS &민스트라다무스 Currently Trending After BTS “Butter’s” 4th Win On Billboard Hot 100

The one and only, this 21st century’s Minstradamus, (YOONGI) has stricken again with a blast! BTS’ rapper producer, SUGA has been predicting BTS’ success since their debut days and the universe has been kind and generous enough to make it happen. BTS new song “Butter” has just topped the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts for its 4th consecutive week!!!! bringing back memories of SUGA’s prediction about the summer hit song.

During BTS Festa 2021 celebrations the members talked about several topics and one of them was their new song “Butter” each member had an opinion about the song then SUGA stated that by the time that video (FESTA) was released, Butter would have already been at No. 1 for 3 to 4 consecutive weeks.

In an interview while talking about his last remarks, SUGA had only good wishes for their song “Butter” he said “I hope it charts better than all BTS songs released so far and lots of people all round the world listen to “Butter”

During their behind the scenes making of their song “Butter” RM turned to SUGA and said “SUGA, as the “Prophet” do you thnk this song will top “Dynamite?”

SUGA responded confidently “Of course”

WHAT YOONGI WANTS YOONGI GETS on ‘SUGA trending’ with 8,916 tweets. 민스트라다무스 (Minstradamus) is trending at #11 in South Korea!

“the stars aligning every time Yoongi says something to make sure That Very Specific Thing he said becomes reality is something i will never get used to. like who is listening to everything this man says and pausing the flow of destiny to make sure he gets what he wants.” BTS ARMY

“every week yoongi celebrates the #1 in the middle of the night, which makes me wonder if he’s either getting out of the studio or waking up in the middle of the night because he sensed the energy of millions of people screaming “what yoongi wants yoongi gets” BTS ARMY

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