The Evolution of BTS’ Run BTS! Variety Show Intros, From “DOPE” ERA to “Butter” ERA

A new intro has been introduced for BTS’ weekly variety show “RUN BTS” The intros were based on different eras and included lead songs from those eras. The first intro was based on “Dope” (Eps 1–10) then “Fire” (Ep 11), “Blood Sweat & Tears” (Eps 12–56), “IDOL” (Eps 57–99), “ON” (Eps 100–141) and now “Butter” (Eps 142-present)

Run BTS! also known as Dallyeora Bangtan! or DalBang!) is a variety web series by the boy group BTS, broadcasting weekly and is offered for free viewing on V LIVE, since episode 86 is also offered for free viewing on Weverse.

The series features the members of BTS in teams (or individual) competes in different games or activities. The first season aired on August 1, 2015 every Tuesday, unless an episode of BTS Gayo was aired. After a one year break, a second season was aired on January 31, 2017, and since episode twenty-three, it became a weekly show due to the production of “BTS Gayo” ending.

On December 26, 2018, a trailer for season three was posted, announcing the premiere on January 1, 2019. After episode 86, Run BTS! was paused to air BTS’s documentary series “Bring The Soul,” and was paused after episode 91 to air the season four of the reality show “BTS: Bon Voyage.”

On April 13, 2020, the intro for season three changed in line with the 100th episode and has since been in use. After episode 103, Run BTS! was paused to air BTS’ documentary series “Break The Silence,” and was paused after episode 111 to air reality show “In the SOOP BTS ver.”

After episode 141, Run BTS! was paused until June 15, 2021.

RUN BTS! returned with episode 142 that introduced the new “Butter” intro

BTS have had several special guests featured on the show. They include; Park Jung-sook (Episode 35), Jang Hyun-woo (Episode 45), Ha Tae-hoon (Episode 46), Park Jun-woo (Episodes 57–58), Ahn Ji-hwan (Episode 109), T1’s Faker, Teddy, Effort, Cuzz and Canna (Episodes 114–115), Baek Jong-won (Episode 125, 142), Im Kyu-tae (Episode 129), Kwon Soon-woo (Episode 129), Kim Sang-gyun (Episode 130), Ryu Seung-min (Episodes 138–139), Park Jong-boem (Episodes 138–139), Na PD (Episodes 140–141) (as Main Cast in The Game Caterers x Run BTS! Episodes 1–2)

“Dope” intro (Eps 1–10)
“Fire” intro (Ep 11)
“Blood Sweat & Tears” intro (Eps 12–56)
“IDOL” intro (Eps 57–99)
“ON” intro (Eps 100–141

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