BTS’ SUGA Gives Solo Live Guitar Performance in Latest Bangtan BOMB

In their latest Bangtan Bomb on BTS’ YouTube channel, Jung Kook and SUGA have a cute moment playing with the guitar. Jung Kook picks up the guitar ant strums a few notes and leaves, he always said he likes to try out many things so his attention was probably caught on something else leaving SUGA alone picking the plectrums before getting his attention on the guitar and crossing his legs comfortably to start playing the guitar effortlessly

In a past interview, during their dynamite promotions, Jung Kook had said that he got motivated watching SUGA play the guitar during quarantine and would even like to play the guitar with SUGA.

Even though it was a few seconds fans got a chance to have a glimpse of what it would be like if the BTS vocalist and rapper played the guitar together

After Jung Kook left SUGA also picked up the guitar and played for a few minutes

One of SUGA’s past guitar playing moment when he held a VLive session

SUGA looked adorable trying to find the best plectrums

Watch the full episode

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