BTS’ Jin Shared His Playlist Of Songs That Will Make You Dance When Taking a Shower On BigHit Music Record On Melon Station

Jin, BTS’s Vocalist and song writer was on today’s BigHit Music Record on Melon Station and he shared a playlist of songs that will make you dance when taking a shower. “I believe that shower music should be fun so here are songs that make you dance when taking a shower. Anyone can be an idol during a shower. Welcome to Melon Station’s BigHit Music Record. Hello, I’m BTS Jin. Wah! BTS opened the door of BigHit Music Record with the new single ‘Butter.’ And, we’ve been introducing and sharing the playlists based on each member’s taste and personality.”

“Following RM, Jungkook, and Suga, today let’s meet the music that I, Jin, picked. First of all, the theme of my playlist is Jin, dance, shower, and Idol. There’s a reason why I chose the songs according to this topic; I think you should be excited when you take a shower. “It may be different from person to person, but I do. I chose the music that I listen to while dancing in the shower. Let’s all be idols when we take a shower alone. I chose a few songs according to this topic. Let’s listen to one of them first, and then I will make a proper introduction. I think this song would be the best as a first song. Among the songs that I picked, this song came out most recently – ITZY’s ‘Mafia in the Morning.’ It is an exciting song. Let’s listen to it.” Jin

“Back from listening to the song. How did you all like this song? When I listen to this song, I get excited and dance. I hope you all try some fun movements while taking a shower. Let’s move onto the next song. He is very popular from a Korean program recently – it’s Young Tak. He sang a song called ‘Jjin-I-Yah,’ and I really wanted to pick this song since ‘Jjin’ is in it, and it turned out that the song is exciting, too! Jjin jjin jjin jjin jjin-i-yah~ This song is really good.” Jin

“Along with this song, there is also a song called ‘Why are you coming out of there?’ It is very exciting when I take a shower while listening to these songs. You can’t help but dance, naturally. Let’s listen to them. I am introducing the playlist I enjoy, ‘Picked by Jin, the exciting music to listen to while showering.’ Next song is called ‘Left and Right’ by Seventeen, who has become part of the HYBE family. While listening to it, you get very excited, and you may not go as far as running around in the shower, but even in a small showering space, you can enjoy showering while making some simple body movements. Let’s listen to ‘Left and Right’ by Seventeen.” Jin

“Welcome back to Jin’s episode of BTS BigHit Music Record. I am introducing the music in my Melon playlist that I enjoy listening to; I wonder how you are liking it. The next song is Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy. This song has a chorus with an exciting beat. To this beat, you can move your head up and down, and auto-wash of your hair is possible! Let’s all move our heads while listening to Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy.'” Jin

“The songs I prepared for next are exciting songs again, by BTS this time! BTS ‘Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix),’ which we performed at MAMA. Even if you don’t know much about dance, you can do hip-hop dance movements. If you have a big showering space, you can move your body as if you have become a hip-hop expert! And also, there is ‘IDOL.’ Ah yes, ‘IDOL’ was in one of my hashtags. As if you have become an idol, let’s excitedly listen to ‘Mic Drop’ and ‘IDOL’ while shaking your body!” Jin

Melon Station’s BigHit Music Record, today I introduced the playlist by me, Jin. How did you like it? I introduced the music I listen to while showering. I hope you find other exciting songs too and enjoy them while showering… because taking a shower should be fun! “This is not the end. The next person is waiting. Aren’t you curious as to which member of BTS will appear next and unveil his own playlist? If I give you a small hint, this member has a name with one syllable, just like me. This person has his own color, so I am excited to find out what he chose. I will now finish up Jin’s episode of BTS BigHit Music Record with this last song. I become a black mamba, a snake, while listening to this last song.” Jin

“While showering, try to move your body freely like a snake. Please think of BTS and me while listening to the songs in my playlist and our new song ‘Butter.’ I will work hard to show you new things, while thinking of you as well. This has been BTS Jin. Good bye!” Jin

Open his Playlist and listen to the songs

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