BTS’ Jimin To Be Gifted With Exclusively Customized Planes in Celebration Of His Upcoming 27th Birthday

As each BTS members’ birthdays approaches each year, fans are usually excited and look foward to gifting the members with not only beautiful birthday wishes but gifts as well. It does not matter whether the members will receive them or not, it is always the thoughts and gestures that always count. Whether individually, as a fanbase, or as a collection of fanbases, BTS members’ birthdays are days to be celebrated worldwide.

BTS’ Jimin

It is only in June but “Jimintober” (Jimin’s birthday month which is in October) has already began.

BTS Jimin’s largest Chinese fanbase @JIMINBAR_CHINA is partnering with Jeju Air to make their first ever airline’s exclusive customized themed airplane for an idol. In celebration of BTS’ vocalist and dancer, Jimin’s image will be on the body of the Jeju Air planes to celebrate his upcoming birthday in October 13th 2021 when Jimin will be turning 27 (Korean age) (26 international age)

The campaign is dubbed,

27th Birthday Support for PARK JIMIN, Part 1″

JIMINBAR_CHINA noted in the post that the specifically designed airplane will have Jimin’s image, and also from the flight tickets to the cups set on the plane they will all have the message “Happy Jimin Day” to commemorate the big day.

Last year 2020 Jimin took over Dubai Mall on his birthday with major live birthday ads. It was the first time an idol was being featured in the largest mall in Dubai


JIMINBAR_CHINA also stated that, “The specific time of the project will be decided according to the completion of the plane and will definitely include October, the time will be announced later. There are many designs, we will confirm which one to use with Jeju Air, so please refer to the actual plane afterwards”


The fanbase confirmed that it was the first time Jeju Air accepted a fan project to make an exclusive custom made airplane for an idol.


JIMINBAR_CHINA decided to use Jeju Air because the airline has a high boarding rate that is 95.2% and with that they selected Jeju Air to maximize Jimin’s birthday ads exposure. 18,000 inflight cups sets branded with “Happy Jimin Day” will also be included in the flight package of all domestic routes


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