BTS’ Jung Kook Currently Trending Worldwide With Over 2 Million Twitter Mentions Minutes After Posting Selca

In Just 25 minutes Jung Kook took over Twitter and Twipple Japan trending at #2 and #7 respectively, this was after posting on their official account. He received 200K comments, 913 likes and 461 retweets. Just yesterday as they were performing during their MUSTER SOWOOZOO day 1, trended for over 7 hours and received 3 million tweets! And was a trending topic on several social media platforms.

The tweet surpassed 1 million likes in 30 minutes. SNS King, who can deny. He has been trending foe 2 days straight so there is no stopping him.

Fans were once again captivated by his alluring visuals, his long hair, hit sweaty look, his tatoos and of course his eye brow piercing.

During their day 2 MUSTER SOWOOZOO performance “Still With You” and “Film Out” trended together with “jungkook” “kookie” also entered worldwide twitter trends

13 hours after the MUSTER SOWOOZOO Day 1 ended Jungkook continued to trend reaching 3.13 million tweets

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