BTS’ Jung Kook Has Surpassed 3 Million Tweets After Muster Sowoozoo Performaces

BTS’ Jung Kook has been dominating Twitter with over 2.8 million tweets and has now reached 3 million tweets, ina single day, quite insane! The King Of Twitter trends has struck again! On the Day 1 of #MUSTERSOWOOZOO, Jungkook dominated Twitter as he trended ▫️#1 Worldwide, #1 in 54 Countries, #1 in USA, #1 on Twipple Japan, trended in 91 countries across the globe and surpassed 3 million tweets on Twitter with a single keyword.

Jung Kook trended #1 Worldwide, #1 in U.S, #1 in 54 countries with total trending in 91 countries, #1 on Twipple Japan, #6 on Yahoo Japan, Popular on Facebook with 1.6M+ mention, Trended in Google U.S and Related topic under ‘2021 BTS Festa’ on Google

Worldwide fans gushed and cooed and screamed over every aspect of Jung Kook during the Sowoozoo performance. Everything from Jung Kook’s hairstyle, Jung Kook’s accessories, Jung Kook’s piercings, to Jung Kook’s outfits, especially that crop top! Jung Kook’s abs made a comeback and social media was going wild wondering where to focus on!

Jung Kook was also the #1 related topic and #3, #8, #9 and #10 related querry for the word tatoos on the worldwide Google Trends

His visuals have been insane! Jungkook is a HOT topic on every platform; Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Korean Communities. Locals are falling for him, his videos have crossed 1.5M views and so many accounts got their viral tweets with 50K-100K likes in just few hours.


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