BTS j-hope’s “Blue Side” is #2 On Genius Korea’s Mid Year Top K-Hip-Hop Chart

BTS j-hope’s “Blue Side” is #2 On Genius Korea’s Mid Year Top K-Hip-Hop Chart.

On March 1, j-hope surprised fans with a 2021 version of “Blue Side (Outro)” on the third anniversary of his first mixtape, Hope World. In his letter he wrote,

“I can’t go back to that time but I needed a moment where I could caress myself in that time to prove comfort. I needed a blue safe haven that would help claim from my overwhelming sense of passion. Over time I was able to find the answers to why I couldn’t finish this song.

I feel like it was a theme that was too much for me to handle musically, but also I think I had a thought that someday I would for sure be able to feel and know it. Although it’s just one song this time, I wanted to show you that I’m becoming a little bit more mature musically” j-hope

According to Genius Korea, the charts was compiled by the Genius Korea Moderator and was based on songs released from December 1st 2020 to May 31st 2021, the chart includes releases by the artist where they are credited as the main artist or featured artist.

Releases on the chart include singles, albums, collaborations, Soundcloud releases and OSTs.

Data used to compile the chart includes total pageviews, and concurrent page views via lyric searches on Genius

Listen to the song again

Congratulations j-hope!

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