“Tannie” “Yeontan” & “Kim Taehyung” Currently Trending After BTS V’s Post Update On Weverse

Tannie is a world famous dog, why, he belongs to BTS’ vocalist with a deep and unique baritone voice that Sakshma Srivastav host for their ENOW Indian interview called a “sexy voice” BTS’ V went on wevwerse and posted a clip of himself playing around with Tannie, his dog. Immediately two of Tannie’s names trended worldwide together with his dad, Kim Taehyung.

“Tannie” “Yeontan” “Kim Taehyung” and “Weverse” were trending topics for several hours as fans cooed at how cute V and his dog were. Weverse is a Korean mobile app and web platform owned by HYBE corporation which specializes in hosting multimedia content and artist-to-fan communications for musicians. BTS usually post updates, comment on fans’ posts and sometimes chat live with the fans on the app.

Once V posts on Weverse, fans are usualy excited to read his posts and leave lovely mesages for the “Sweet Night” singer

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