8 Years Journey That Led BTS To Where They Have Changed How The World Looks at Self Love & Neighbourly Love

BTS will be celebrating 8 years of being together as members of a band that has taught us how to persevere, how to love, how to hold friendahips dear, how to be vulnerable yet strong, how to love music regardless of gender, language, race, color, religion, country, or preference.

As such we will be going dowm memery lane of all their FESTA celebrations from their first in 2014 to their latest in 2020. 8 years of good memories, 8 years of love.

BTS’ Journey has been one that needs to be read or watched to believe that it actually happened. Starting from the bottom, BTS worked their way up regardless of all the challenges. At the end of the day, they are still human, and at some point they had to sit down and evaluate if this is what they wanted.

BTS’ Jin revealed in 2018 during their “Artist of The Year” award acceptance speech at the MAMA 2018 how thatt year 2018 had been such a hard year for them mentally that they even thought about disbanding. They eventually talked it out among themselves and asked for a much deserved break.

BTS 2018 speech

After that break, they came back stronger and have never looked back. Despite the many cjalenges they face even in 2021, the seven Bangtan Boys have always been resilient, hard working and found hapiness in giving ARMYs all over the world. They saved 2020 with “Dynamite” …

BTS performing “Dynamite” at GRAMMYs 2021

…and decided that we needed another Summer song, “Butter” as we wait for our Spring to come again

With all the accolades that BTS have amassed, they still remain humble, loyal and examples of how to carry themselves in private and in public. BTS have made history, made records, broken records and broken their own records time and time again. Hard work, dedication and passion pays, BTS is bulletproof of that.

8 years of being together, 8 years of working hard, 8 years of building their career, 8 years of loving their fans, ARMY, 8 years of music that has healed, changed, created, made a dark world make sense and put a smile on people’s faces. 8 years of inspiring kindness in every human, who have not olnly spoken about helping the needy, but have participated in ARMY PROJECTS that saved a life or several lives.

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