WATCH BTS Take Their 2021 FESTA Exam With Hilarious Reactions

To celebrate the 8th anniversary, BTS released 2021 June FESTA Exam, which has been a part of their 2-week long celebration of the event. ARMY took the test as well as the BTS members as they put themselves to test how well they know each other. After the test, BTS results were;

RM – 75 / 100

SUGA – 57.5 / 100

Jin – 65 / 100

j-hope – 82.5 / 100

Jimin – 62.5 / 100

V- 57.5 / 100

Jung Kook – 82.5 / 100

“I probably got the highest score! Your heart as a fan is still a perfect score 100!” RM

“It was confusing but I enjoyed while remembering things. ARMYs…You know everything right? you know us better than we know us,No one can catch up with ARMYs’ love.. if you get 100 Bang PD nim said he’ll buy you meat” Jung Kook

Watch the full episode

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