#609 BTS 2021 FESTA – 2021 ARMY Profile

BTS’ 2021 FESTA continues as the members share ARMYs profile by them. BTS and ARMY relationship has been one of mutual trust, loyalty, love and lots of sacrifice. ARMY have always supported BTS from the beginning, have continued to support BTS now and will continue to support BTS even in the future. This is because BTS have been consistent ion mentioning and showing how they need their fans, because none of it would have been possible without them.

BTS always start by shouting ARMYs whenever they want to give speeches and sometimes it is the end word when they are done performing or giving interviews. If you ask any ARMY to describe who BTS is to them, they will give you the minute details that may even surprise BTS themselves because they are fully invested in the members.

BTS 2021 FESTA Schedule

Today it is BTS’ chance to describe who ARMY is to them, what they represent and what makes up their whole character. BTS went through, ARMY’s nicknames (that show affection), Things ARMYs are good at, ARMYs Hobbies, ARMY’s appeal points, When you miss/want to see ARMY the most, What we want to do with ARMY the most, Express ARMY in 8 letters? and lastly BTS members had AWARDS FOR ARMY. English Translations by @modooborahae

Name: Our beginning and end – ♡ARMY♡

Birthday: ♡2014.07.09♡

Occupation: at times like a teacher, other times like a friend and the people we love Residence: Here & there, wherever Bangtan’s road is, all over the place

ARMY goal: when you feel bored in your life, come to Weverse to play, I have confidence I can provide healing

ARMY Role: BTS’ arc reactor*, arc nuclear power *an arc reactor is the device used by Iron Man so he’s saying we’re their energy source

ARMY’s nicknames (that show affection)

RM: ARMY’s nicknames (that show affection)

RM: eternal partner and friend

SUGA: the reason of existence

JIN: ARMY is just ARMY, there’s no other word to replace it

J-HOPE: : my forever Achille’s heel

JIMIN: sweetie/cutie/pretty *wrote ee-bbi which is Busan satoori

V: my friend, partner


Things ARMYs are good at

RM: loving both Bangtan & ARMY

SUGA: just looking at Bangtan Sonyeondan

JIN: ARMYs are good at playing with each other, when I see them, I feel proud

J-HOPE: being on Bangtannie’s side

JIMIN: loving Tannies

V: cherishing us

JUNGKOOK: taking pride in us

ARMYs Hobbies

RM: making Bangtan cry, making Bangtan laugh

SUGA: watching Bangtan’s performances for 6 hrs a day

JIN: setting Bangtan and ARMY’s records

J-HOPE: watching today’s Bangtan~!!

JIMIN: thinking about Tannies

V: hmm..just eating tasty food, eating well

JUNGKOOK: taking care of health

ARMY’s appeal points

RM: even the name is so cute to start with, it makes you smile, can’t believe it’s a-mi

SUGA: has more fun than anyone else in the loud, reverberating concert venues

JIN: they’re geniuses, forreal

J-HOPE: our ARMY have deep thoughts~♡♡ (are thoughtful)

JIMIN: caring without limits, unconditional cheers

V: so many individual appealing characteristics that ARMYs have, sweeties

JUNGKOOK: [they’re] so kind

When you miss/want to see ARMY the most

RM: now..yesterday..no tomorrow..ㅠ3ㅠ

SUGA: now…

JIN: right this moment

J-HOPE: now

JIMIN: now (written in now in Hangeul)

V: when we can’t do concerts

JUNGKOOK: right before sleeping

What we want to do with ARMY the most

RM: concert. cheering. connecting.

SUGA: Concerts!!

JIN: crying together at concerts

JHOPE: to jump and play around in a space just for us~!!

JIMIN: sing, dance, looking into each other’s eyes while talking with each other

V: concerts

JUNGKOOK: concerts

Express ARMY in 8 letters?

RM: truly beautiful people

SUGA: the everything in our lives!

JIN: Bangtan Sonyeondan ♡ ARMY

J-HOPE: Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Hope Four leaf clover

JIMIN: what would I do without you

V: really, very close friend

JUNGKOOK: my one and only teacher (because you always make me grow/get better)


From Namjoon → ARMY Imagining a Concert Award*

To the ARMYs I love, I’d like to give this award I receive everyday though I don’t quite know if this is an award or punishment. Let’s definitely meet at a stadium someday…!^_ㅠ ddoreueuk** *상 is award and 상상 is imagination/imagining so it’s wordplay **ddo-reu-euk is the sound of tears dropping

From SUGA → ARMY The best achievement award

『I give you this best achievement award for always being by Bangtan Sonyeondan’s side for 8 years. Now that you’ve received it, you must be together with us forever.』

From Jin → ARMY “Has the face* to become a king” award

ARMYs have the face*/physiognomy to become kings in whatever field they’re in. They are already kings in loving us. *상 means award but also means face (as in having physiognomy, meaning having the look of being a king)

From Hobi → ARMY “If you believe then, one two three”* award

The above fans no longer need any explanations!! They’re always giving strength to us from everywhere!! Okay!! If you believe then one two three*~ ♡♡♡ *lyrics from 2!3!

From ABCEDJimin박지민 → ARMY Our Grand Prize/Our Object*

Since the object of all of Bangtan’s emotions (sincerity, gratitude, being sorry, longing, affection, preciousness, love etc) has been ARMY and for always being our object, I present to you** this award. *dae-sang has two meanings: a grand prize and an object/target **the “you” he uses is a more affectionate you, similar to darlings

From Kim Taehyung → ARMY “I miss” award

Recently, I’ve watched the concert videos where we’re together so many times. Because I miss you so much I’m going crazy, I give you this award

From Jungkook → ARMY “Let’s not get sick” award

An award I’m giving because I just want our ARMYs to never get sick/hurt and always be happy!

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