BTS have been gearing up for their FESTA 2021 celebrations which is a grand event to celebrate their 8 years together as officially BTS members. They have been sharing content from family portraits, dance practice videos to challenges. For their 6th FESTA activity, they have shared photos for 2020 and 2021. The year 2020 began very well with BTS planning to have a Map Of The Soul: 7 concert worldwide, unfortunately it was cancelled to the COVID 19 pandemic. BTS did not let that deter them from communicating and keeping in tough with ARMY still.

They held VLive sessions, online concerts, and released their first ever All English song “Dynamite” that ripped through the charts and kept breaking records until the year ended and another started. 2021 came and the situation is less harder, but there are still restrictions to travelling and gatherings. BTS then decided to gift the world with their second All English track “Butter” that came full force overtaking “Dynamite’s” ripping through the charts and records agenda!

BTS 2021 FESTA Schedule

BTS have now shared “BTS PHOTO COLLECTION 20/21” which is a collection of their best moments from 2020 and 2021. Among those great moments are, performance for Dear Class of 2020 where they performed and gave commencement speeches to the graduating class of 2020 online, their “Dynamite” countdown to the premier of the song, BTS WEEK featuring Jimmy Fallon where they have a week long stint preforming, interviewing and playing games, Black Swan music video with their white outfits, performing at the James Corden show

Photo of one of their performances during their MTV Unplugged, Life Goes on Music Video, pictures of their 7th anniversary celebration, their song “ON” outfits for the music video, Life Goes on performance at the Golden Disk Awards and Good Morning America among other photos


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