An Artist’s YouTube Views Spikes from 160 Views To Over 435K Views in 2 Hours After BTS’ V Update On Weverse

BTS V’s influence has always been beyond selling out luxurious items. He has great taste and fans are always looking for what he loves and finds ways to support him. V has always been the King of Weverse because he is always the BTS member who posts the most updates and chats a lot on the App.

Whenever he stays for too long without any update, ARMYs have missing hours sessions where they post how much they miss the BTS vocalist and would like for him to post anything

The moment V posts an update, whether it be on their Twitter account or on Weverse, he ends up trending because they miss TaeTae a lot. On 6th June 2021, V updated on Weverse sharing about a YouTube channel with the caption “U are goat (sheep emoji) I’ll keep an eye on you

BTS V’s update on Weverse

The channel he shared apparently had only 160 views after a month of being uploaded. 2 hours later, the channel had over 435K views!


At this moment of writting this post, the video has over 996K views! The YouTuber, Mathew Chun, was more shocked than anyone else and commented about the sudden spike in views and thanked V “Thank you V, ur the actual GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

The YouTuber’s (Mathew Chun) comment

He went on to add, “First of all, thank you and welcome? I really don’t know what to say. This whole experience is so surreal… I have a math exam tomorrow morning but now I don’t think I can study lol!…

There were comments from fans saying that they found the channel because V had posted about it. Micheal Chan has just gained new subscribers thanks to BTS V’s mention, which goes to show how much ARMY trusts him and the choices he makes whether it be about the clothes he wears, music he enjoys or videos he watches.

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