BTS’ V Reveals The Motivation To Work Harder At His Artistry Turning It Into His Advantage

BTS V’s voice. Let’s talk about V’s voice. V’s voice has a duality that is in its own league, the vocalist can belt out deep low notes, falsettos and even hit high notes in some songs. V has a baritone singing voice that has received praise for his vocal range and “husky” tone. He gained wider vocal recognition for his performance of his solo song “Stigma”, and was praised for his falsettos that showed off his vocal range and unique musicality. V’s tonality on “Singularity“, was noted as a prominent “tone setter” on the album by music critic Blanca Méndez.

Tamar Herman from Billboard also noting that V’s lower range is a prominent piece of BTS’ music. Karen Ruffini of Elite Daily stated in their article that “V has no problem producing super soothing, low tones that are a key element in the overall sound for BTS.

It was only right and gladly expected that Sakshma Srivastav, interviewer for BTS ENOW Indian interview to want to know more about his voice that always mesmerizes the first time you hear it, especially if your first taste of V’s voice is in the song “Singularity

“Your voice keeps getting better with time, I want to ask you, is that something that you have worked on and polished it with a lot of vocal exercises and practice or is it something that a singer has to be born with and no matter how much you practice you cant get it if you don’t already have it?” Sakshma Srivastav

“My vocal teacher used to scold me because of how I sang. But I worked hard on improving myself, and it turned into my advantage” V

Watch the full interview

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