BTS’ SUGA Talks About How Revisiting Difficult Memories is Part Of Their Creative Process Rather Than A Detriment

BTS’ SUGA has always talked openly about his struggles as an individual from being part of the group BTS. In his music he has not been afraid to talk about mental health, his own experiences with social anxiety and struggling to come to terms about his persona. In his idea for a RUN BTS episode, SUGA suggested that they should “Do psychological counselling or mental analysis” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly the rapper said,

“So I think for not just us but other celebrities, if they talk about it openly, if they talk about depression for example like it’s the common cold, then it becomes more and more accepted if it’s a common disorder like the cold. More and more, I think artists or celebrities who have a voice should talk about these problems and bring it up to the surface.” SUGA

So his question during their Indian Interview with ENOW was perfect for him to answer. Sakshma Srivastav asked him “…for you as an artist to make songs and music inspired from difficult memories, that means you have to go back and feel all those emotions again, is that a difficult process, emotionally?”

“It wasn’t that difficult. Because we work on music a lot, we have many songs out there. So when we work on individual projects, we always think about what to talk about. Now that we look back at those experiences, we feel thankful. Because they enable us to tell various stories. And the things that used to be painful to recall, are not anymore, because releasing music also helps alleviate that emotion, so its half and half for me” SUGA

“It is also cathartic saying.. when you actually make music out of it, does it help you cope with those emotions in the past?” Sakshma Srivastav

For me it has been helpful. Many people are living with their traumatic memories, but I’m sure the moment will come when they can overcome that. And I also think you need to go through the process where you organize these emotions. And for me, one of that process is releasing music” SUGA

Watch full interview

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