BTS’ RM Dishes How They Have Managed To Surprise Fans With Every New Comeback & Why They Thrive On Pressure to Deliver

Pressure especially at work is what drives people to achieve results, without pressure there would be no determination to be the best, without pressure there would be no Rome, it did not take a day to be built but there must have been pressure to finish. BTS are in the frontline of celebrity hood and their reach has more than quadrupled over the years. As such there will always be that need to offer something different, something fresh, something new, something amazing and perhaps they know that more than anything.

So instead of giving in to pressure like they have done since debut when the pressure to quit because things did not look up was immense and might have been tempting, BTS have thrived in that pressure and always delivered beyond exceptions and beyond any one’s imagination. BTS’ RM justifies the need for pressure arguing that it motivates more than deflates their hard work. He answers Sakshma Srivastav during their exclusive interview.

“When you have tried so many things, now is it sort of hard to reinvent yourself every single time, is it hard to surprise the audience and bring something new to the table, every single time?” Sakshma Srivastav

“Basically it’s never been easy, we, on average, we’ve been releasing new music twice a year. And sometimes it happened like three times a year, mostly like, except “Dynamite” there’s “Butter” we’ve been releasing like eight to ten tracks, so, it’s so really a lot of amount to put in coz, we’ve never seen such artists like put this kind of amount of music and of course the contents, the videos, visuals, behind the scenes, and, it would be a lie if I said that there’s no pressure and its always full of joy” RM

“But actually that’s what’s fun about this whole life and career, that was our, one of the biggest reason that made our, current position actually, fans and people always expect new creativity of ourselves, new images, new hair, new music, new messages and our new kind of… everything. So it’s been pressure but, thanks to the pressure, we’ve been trying to practice and try to create new images.” RM

In summary I’ll say like its never been easy and it will never be it’s still fun and that’s one of the biggest motivation that we could ever have. That’s what BTS is right now and will be, forever, I think” RM

Watch full interview

2 thoughts on “BTS’ RM Dishes How They Have Managed To Surprise Fans With Every New Comeback & Why They Thrive On Pressure to Deliver

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