BTS’ Jin Answers Why He Is More Than Just Good Looks When It Comes To His Artistry & His Music

“Worldwide Handsome” That is what you come to know Jin as when you first get introduced to BTS for the first time and you become even more excited that it is a name that he gave himself. It takes a level of confidence to know your worth and say it loud to yourself and others. Jin has a quirky fun personality but when it comes down to seriousness, he will tell you that you have to put yourself first and love yourself. In his concept photo for their “BE” album Jin wrote,

Have you perhaps forgotten along the way, that each and every one of you is a unique and precious gem? Never forget to cherish yourself, and always remember you are a sparkling gem, always remember to sparkle with confidence just like me” Jin

During BTS’ interview for ENOW, Jin was asked to talk more about how there could be a perception that his good looks take precedence over him as a serious artist.

“..90% of the comments were, Oh, you are so handsome.. do you think because there’s so much focus on your good looks, sometimes it over shadows the fact that you are so much more than that? that you are also a very talented and hardworking musician?” Sakshma Srivastav

“I don’t think my looks overshadow my singing. Looking good is actually a plus factor, not a minus. Of course looks distract you a little, but I think it’s an additional factor and not something that takes away something. It’s like adding decoration to delicious food.” Jin

Watch the full interview

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