BTS’ Jimin Reveals How They Handle Being Scrutinized for Everything They Say and/or Do On Social Media & How They Deal With The Pressure

BTS are on the worldwide stage and with it comes a microscopic lens that focuses on every minute detail of their lives. That comes with pressure to act in a certain way, be careful of what you say or do and even to some extent, changes your behavior somewhat. So who else to answer how they handle that than BTS. BTS had a sit down with Sakshma Srivastav on their Indian Interview and among other topics, Jimin was asked,

There’s scrutiny about every single thing that you might say, every sentence is dissected on social media, every single picture taken is also discussed on social media. Can that be.. do you think it makes you think twice before you might do anything or say anything on camera” Sakshma Srivastav

“We do have to be cautious, and there was some pressure to some extent but at the same time, it’s a testament to how many people are paying attention to BTS and the fact that our words and actions can give a positive influence to someone makes us happy, so it makes us eager to give more positive impact” BTS Jimin

Watch the full interview

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