BTS Reacts To Their Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hit for “Butter” Thanks ARMY for Their Love & Support

BTS’ “Butter” debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 and BTS have shared their gratitude with their fans (ARMY). In a 1 minute video, BTS expressed how grateful they were to have achieved this milestone of four number 1’s on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were excited and you could see how happy they were, Jimin literally jumping up and down saying thank you.

BTS have always worked hard and showed their genuine love for ARMY that that love is always reciprocated back as the fans are always proud of tehri achievements. Here is BTS’ speech about their awesome win.

RM: “We won the first  place on Billboard Hot 100 with “Butter”

JIMIN: “This is amazing!”

RM: “Butter” was made with the thought of wishing that there would be a song that people can enjoy this summer without thinking. Were just so happy and honored to be number one on the Billboard Hot 100 once again”

JIMIN: “Thank you so much”

RM: “Especially we were able to win first place on Billboard for the fourth time thanks to ARMY and many people’s support and love. And for that we were able to win this glorious title. We thank everyone who loves us and supports us”

SUGA: “As the weather gets hotter little by little, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are already exhausted. If you get your energy back and muster up your strength while listening to “Butter” there’s nothing more of a better gift than that for us”

j-hope: “Good!”

JIN: “Thank you all so much for loving “Butter” We’ll be BTS who always works hard to make you listen to hot, sweet and cool music”

RM: “ARMYs who are always cheering for us..”

RM & JIN: “I hope you’re listening to this now!”

RM: “We can’t thank you enough! So far its been BTS who loves ARMY”

BTS: “Thank you so much!” *bows*

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