BTS’ Jimin & j-hope Try Out The Drums on Behind-the-scenes Shoot For “Map Of The Soul ON:E Concept Photo Book”

BTS recently shared their “Map Of The Soul ON:E Concept Photo Book” Shooting Sketch on their YouTube channel “BangtanTV”. The behind the scenes showcases the members enjoying the shoot and having fun on the set. RM said that the set reminded him of their “No More Dream” era. They had three different themes for the photoshoot which brought out the mood of the whole photo shoot.


“I tried to look aggressive. Did it turn out aggressive? I think I did it. I think the photos are turning out well. “ SUGA

BTS’ j-hope

“The concept is very determined, grand and it kinds of reminds you of our “No More Dream” days. I took my photos with a variety of different instruments. I think it looks good” j-hope

BTS’ Jung Kook

“Because today’s shoot used a lot of confetti it reminded me of when we performed on stage. Thank you for giving me that feeling in a long time.” Jung Kook


“There are instruments scattered all over the place. They look destroyed but at the same time I think it also means that we’ll be the ones to destroy them. So we’re looking defiant and rebellious” RM

BTS’ Jin

“This set. It kind of… when I first saw this, it kind of reminded me of when we shot for THE RED BULLET. So if you loom at the album cover images for THE RED BULLET and then look at this, you can tell it has a similar vibe” Jin

BTS’ Jimin

“With our makeup, our hair and out outfits like this, this is exactly how we look before going up on stage. I think that we’ll be able to show you exactly how we see ourselves. BTS working hard! I hope things get better so we can meet soon, we’ll be waiting. Just hang in there a bit. Don’s feel down. I love you!”


“It is such a shame that this is our only option. I want to get back to meeting ARMY as soon as possible” V

Watch the episode below

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