McDonalds Just Revealed That Photocards Will Come With The “BTS MEAL MERCH”, Here’s Why It Might be BTS Jin’s Doing

Since McDonalds announced their collaboration with BTS on their upcoming BTS meal, fans have been asking about whether photocards will be coming with the meal. However HYBE Merch announced that they would be collaborating with McDonalds for a collaboration merch.

Those who purchase the merchandise are the ones who will be getting the photocards, the photocards will not come with the meals.

“just got off the phone with the guys, photocards are coming with merch” McDonalds tweeted.” McDonalds tweeted

Soon after this clip of BTS’ Jin supposedly calling McDonalds requesting for photocards, has ARMY “thanking” Jin for making it happen. BTS had an interview with Billboard before the release of their single “Butter” and among those interview questions was one regarding their McDonald’s collaboration.

“Are ARMY getting photocards?” asked Tetris Kelly, Billboards reporter (the interviewer)

“No there weren’t any photocards planned, but I will make a suggestions to McDonalds ,” Jin spoke then took his phone and said, “hello, photocards please”

Of course he was joking but fans are holding to that idea that Jin spoke to McDonalds about availing photocards

McDonald’s of course were a good sport about it even joking that they saved Jin’s number

The BTS MERCH x MCDONALD’S Collaboration

Watch the full interview

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