“LET ME BREATHE” “EXCUSE ME SIR” and “seokjin” Currently Trending Worldwide After Release of BTS Final “Butter” Teaser Photos

Kim Seok-jin aka Jin aka Worldwide Handsome came to take over the world with his outstanding visuals. The release of their last “Butter” teaser photos led to him immediately taking over the Twitter trends worldwide. “KIM SEOKJIN” “seokjin” both trended together with “EXCUSE ME SIR” and “LET ME BREATHE”

Seokjin is currently trending WORLDWIDE and in 26 COUNTRIES with over 329K tweets after the release of ‘Butter’ Teaser Photo 2. He is still trending WORLDWIDE at #9. Seokjin is trending at #8 in Pakistan after the release of Butter teaser photos.

Jin is currently trending in the US, UK, Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Puerto Rico, Chile, France, Germany, Eduardo, Spain among others

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