BTS Have Released Their Last “Butter” Teaser Photos… And, We Are Not Ready, I Repeat We Are Not Ready!

BTS’S last teaser photos for their upcoming second all English single have just dropped! ARMY are you Okay?!

BTS seem to have saved the best for last with their teaser photos. Just like their “Butter” logo color and background was different from the teaser poster which was different from the concepts clips, the last teaser photos are on a whole other level of ridiculous perfection and so far from what anyone could have imagined.

But then again, that is BTS for you, never giving you what you expect or even fathom!

The group photo above was just a tease for what BTS had in-store for each individual shot!

From a first look level, the teaser photos of each members bring out a sort of grungy, goth, 70’s vibe, bringing back the era of black leather everything. Sort of reminds one of the movie “GREASE”

Black shiny leather jackets, sheer tops, shorts, chains, vintage glasses and heavy boots all the in to this classic movies style

The teaser photos do have the color yellow that is reminiscent of the “Butter” logo, still giving off the homely feel as we can see SUGA holding a cup, Jung Kook has popcorn in his hands, while j-hope is holding a plate of pancakes with a knob of butter. The rest of the members Jin, Jimin, RM and V look like they are about to step out for a ridiculously loud party complete with disco balls and loud rock music.

RM said the “Butter” is summery but didn’t mention anything about the genre, these looks would perfectly match a rock kind of beat and with some if not all members playing a musical instrument! I mean we already got Drummer Jung Kook, might as well have the other members play an instrument or two.

These BTS “Butter” teaser photos leave so much to the imagination that they are very open to wild, crazy interpretations, I guess we will have to wait for the teaser music video dropping on 18th May to have a glimpse and then the official MV on 21st May!

BTS’ Jung Kook
BTS’ Jimin
BTS’ Jin
BTS’ j-hope

The “Butter” schedule is almost complete and now we are counting days until the final reveal of this new single that has got us all in a crazed impatient mode

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