BTS’ j-hope Apologizes To Conan O’Brien For Accidentally Calling Him “Curtain” On Their Official Twitter Handle & is Now Following Him!

American TV Host Conan O’Brien got a follow from BTS as well as a Selca apology from BTS’ j-hope, after the “Curtain” Incident, Conan is Winning At Life…

On 6th May Conan Obrien reacted to BTS’ j-hope’s calling him “curtain” in their latest RUN BTS Episode. During the show BTS played a game where the producer shows a picture of a celebrity to BTS and then one of the members take turns to answer the name of the celebrity in a quick fire sort of way.

When the final round was coming to a close BTS’ j-hope was shown the face of Conan O’Brien and he must have panicked because he said “Curtain” instead. After falling over with laughter and embarrassment on the floor and both Jimin and V scolding him, he laughed and apologized to the screen soon after as the game continued by saying “sorry Conan”

A few days later Conan responded to that clip and was a sport about it saying that he’ll get BTS real good. Today 7th May, j-hope took to Twitter and posted a Selca with two kiss emojis! and an apology to Conan. Well he still took the selfie with curtains behind him so.. he’s getting in on the fun

BTS is now following Conan O’Brien’s personal account.

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