BTS’ Jungkook Breaks His Own Twitter Record Becoming Only Human In The World With 4 Individual Tweets Garnering Over 3 Million Likes

BTS’ Jungkook has once again broken his own record, which is not a first, he has been breaking his own personal records without sweat. Hi broke his own VLive record when he had his VLive viewed by over 22 million real time viewers, he has the most used hashtag on TikTok which is close to getting 50Billion! It must feel incredible to be placed in the same Twitter league as a former and current US presidents, over take their records, and beat your own record! Only the golden maknae can relate!

Jungkook is also the only individual in the world to have 6 tweets with over 1 million retweets, he has the most number of tweets in the top 10 of BTS’ Twitter records. It is not surprising to see him achive such popularity since Jungkook is a hard worker, disciplined and is always looking out for his members and loves ARMY like it is the only thing he was brought into this earth to do.

“Never Not” 3.2 Million Likes, 1.7 Million Retweets and 779.4K comments

Kiss emoji 3.2 Million Likes, 1.1 Million Retweets and 704K comments

“I Want to see ARMY” 3 Million Likes, 1 Million Retweets and 471K comments

Self dyeing 🙂 #JJK 3 million Likes, 903.9K Retweets and 257.2K comments

Congratulations Jung Kook!

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