To Celebrate Korea’s Children’s Day BTS’ j-hope Donated ₩100 Million KRW To Support Underprivileged Youth In Tanzania, Africa

BTS j-hope

Dance leader, rapper, producer and eternal sunshine, j-hope has a heart of Gold. Not only does his sunshine personality, bright smile and powerful lyrics touch the world, his philanthropy is one amazing aspect that make him wholesome as a person. Last year j-hope donated 100 million won to children in crisis families who are suffering from Corona 19, and in February, he again donated 150 million won to celebrate his birthday on 18th February.

According to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, j-hope donated ₩100 million KRW ($89,176.24 USD) to support children in Tanzania, Africa who are currently victims of child abuse and violence. He made this donation in commemoration of Children’s Day, celebrated on 5th May in Korea.

“Many people around the world are currently suffering from Covid-19. Following my last donation that supported Korean children, I am now sponsoring children overseas in the hopes that the warmth shared will be delivered to children who are currently in blind spots in the public eye.” j-hope

The donation will be used to support the One Stop Center, an organization established to end violence against Tanzanian children. The One Stop Center was established by the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation to carry out counseling, treatment, legal support, and collect evidence for matters regarding violence against children in Tanzania.

Lee Je Hoon the Chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation thanked j-hope for raising interest in the lives of children suffering from economic difficulties. He added

“The foundation will continue to do its best for all children, both domestic and foreign, who need support.” Lee Je Hoon SOURCE

We love an idol who loves people unconditionally!

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