BTS’ RM Sells Out The $490 Martine Rose Loafer Mules He Wore for His “Butter” Concept Clip

BTS’ Midas touch on everything that comes within inches of their aura is widely know and can no longer be debated, ignored, argued or assumed. A mention, touch, glance, attribution to or even the said item appearance in BTS’ vicinity causes worldwide shortage and panic at the lack of said product.

BTS’ RM took a mirror selfie at a gym, and the phone case that was covering his phone became a hot item and even the company acknowledged that more people are interested in that particular product since RM was seen with it.

BTS released the first concept clips for their song “Butter” to be released on 21st May 2021. RM and Jungkook were the first member’s clips to be shown.

In RM’s “Butter” concept clip, he is seen wearing some mules which are zoomed in and out on several occasions. And as expected, fans already found which type of shoes he was wearing, $490 Martine Rose Loafer Mules.

It has hardly been 20 hours and the mules are already sold out on the official website for Martine Rose. The $490 Martine Rose Loafer Mules are sold out in all sizes on the website!

The brand power that this man holds!

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