BTS’ FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ Ad – j-hope ver. “Stimulated Towards Brilliance”

FILA just released their latest BTS j-hope’s ver. for FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON’ ad campaign (Stimulus)

BTS’ j-hope is the ultimate dancer. He fully exemplifies the true meaning of dance, rhythm and beat. He is the beat. He is the music. He is the dance. In the Fila ad j-hope seamlessly dances and becomes one with the beat, his expressive moves with his body make you enjoy watching him dance and of course when he smiles, you are left mesmerized and in love with the BTS rapper, main dancer, dance teacher!

At the end of the ad, it leaves you thinking, “if those shoes can make me dance like j-hope, then I have to have them” j-hope completely embodies “Stimulated Towards Brilliance

Watch the full ad

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