BTS Releases “Butter” Concept Clip featuring RM, Lights & Confetti

BTS have once agains surprised ARMY be releasing 2 concept clips on the same day, first Jungkook and now Rapper and leader RM’s clip comes next.

It’s hard to predict what’s the next thing BTS are going to do. Just like what Jungkook said at an interview that BTS don’t do things twice, there are always new unexpected ways, concepts and themes that they develop that always leaves you in awe. Interconnected little dots that lead to one whole yet each is its own independent variable. BTS are Legends who never run out of ideas. Literal and factual trendsetters!

RM’s concept clip is associated with the lamp on the floor with confetti strewn all over the floor. He starts dancing and teasing us with the light creating all sorts of shadows and a rainbow of colors, then breaks open the tube that explodes confetti all over the floor.

The concept clip teaser poster

Day 2 of the schedule continues…

BTS’ “Butter” will be released on 21st May!

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