BTS Releases “Butter” Concept Clip featuring Jung Kook, Bread & Butter

BTS have released the second “Butter” Concept Clip featuring Jung Kook.

The pieces of the BTS’ “Butter” concept teaser photo are finally falling into place. When the first photo was released, ARMY had several theories and opinions about what each photo represented. Today 3rd May, Big Hit Music dropped the first clip for the teaser photo it is featuring Jung Kook with a piece of toast and a heart shaped knob of butter.

He spreads the butter on the bread and then starts dancing around the table with an unknown music playing in the background. There is always so much more when it comes to everything that BTS does and there is always a connection with the past, present and future. Their music is always one big puzzle that one needs to unravel patiently.

The concept clip teaser poster

Day 2 of the schedule continues…

BTS’ “Butter” will be released on 21st May!

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