Artist AJ Ortega Remarkably Reinvents BTS Jimin’s Picture Using His Handwritten Name


Famous Artist AJ Ortega Widely Known on TikTok Posted a Pen Sketch Video Of his drawing featuring BTS’ Jimin. BTS’ main dancer and vocalist embodies art personified because his facial expressions are always sincere and his features perfectly sculpted. Something as simple as his jawline create the symmetry between art, realty and dreams.

AJ Ortega, a famous sketch artist on TikTok with 336K followers, posted a pen sketch of BTS Jimin. The video had already garnered 259K likes, 8251 comments, 6146 shares and and already 1.1 million views. He shared the process of sketching the BTS vocalist and dancer with a back ground of the song “Boy With Luv”


Ortega has already done two other BTS members, V and Jungkook

What is still very impressive is the fact that he is doing the art work using Jimin’s name alone, just writing “Jimin” over and over and in the end there is the beautiful art work of Jimin looking back at you as if it was the real Jimin. Even the facial expression is as real as it can be! And that is why they say that ART is a patient form of art, because Ortega’s process is a slow and precise formula.


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