“2ndTasteOfButter” Trending #1 Worldwide After Release of BTS’ RM & Jung Kook’s “Butter” Concept Clips

The much awaited concept clip for “Butter” was released on 3rd April 2021 where we had BTS leader RM and Youngest member Jungkook. Immediately the clips were released, the whole world was or is talking about the clips. RM’s clip already has over 2.6 million views, over 820K likes, 445K retweets and 76.7K comments. JungKook’s clip has 2.8 million views, 884.9 likes, 486.7 retweets and 88.9K comments.

The two clips are a far cry from what the teaser for “Butter” was. Everyone was expecting a “Dynamite” vibe what with the yellow logo and colors after release, or a run or fake love era, but the themes if we go by these two clips, seem moody, dark with deep intense perceptions.

BTS RM’s clip

BTS Jungkook’s concept clip

#2ndTasteOfButter trended with over 718ktweets at #1 worldwide, #BTS_Butter with over 1.38m tweets, ‘Jungkook’ with over 660k tweets, ‘Namjoon’ with over 407k tweets and ‘BUTTER IS COMING’ had over 42.3k tweets.

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