BTS’ V Ranks First Place in Real-time Japanese Search Words Rankings

BTS’ V is SNS King as he is always trending on social media sites, whether he is online or has not been online he will always appear on top Twitter trends worldwide and tops Japanese sites like Twipple or Yahoo! Japan.

BTS’ V recorded the first place in real-time search words of Japanese search sites, proving how popular the “Singularity” and “Sweet Night” vocalist is in Japan. On January 1, Yahoo! Japan’s largest portal site, Yahoo! “BTS V” has emerged as the no. 1 search word ranking in JAPAN.

The reason why V went up to the first place in the search word is that “the most lottery” Of TinyTAN goods were released on this day. On this day, “Yahoo! “TinyTAN Best Lottery” also ranked 15th in the search word ranking of “JAPAN”, proving a hot interest.

It is believed to have searched for “JAPAN”, and V was ranked first on Japan’s largest portal site by many fans who were looking for V goods. V also recorded the highest number of likes and retweets in a member-by-member product introduction posted on the official Twitter page. SOURCE

Here are some of the times BTS V dominated searches on Japanese sites like Twipple, Yahoo Japan among other sites

On 29th April BTS’ V captivated fans w/ a mysterious photo in what appears to be a cut taken from the concept photobook of ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’. TAETAE then decorated real-time trends around the world, including 11th WW & No. 1 on Japan’s Twipple celeb ranking.

18th July 2020 After V was selected as the most romantic member of the group BTS because of his sweet song Sweet Night and the creation of Borahae. V’s name heated up Japanese twitter trends and ranked second in Twipple Celebrity ranking. Related searches included “Romanticist”, “Buzz Rhythm,” “Murasaki” (Purple in Japanese) and “Cute”

On 14th July 2020 After the amazing performance of the song, Japan’s search engine sites were flooded with V’s name, proving his power and influence in Japan. V ranked 8th in Google Japan, ranked 2nd in Twipple Japan, ‘Tae Tae’ ranked twenty-ninth on Yahoo Japan, ‘BTS V’ ranked third on Google Japan Trends, ranked 73rd with his name ‘Taehyung’ as well

On 23rd April #V・キムテヒョン (V / Kim Taehyung) is currently trending at #3 spot on twipple Japan after the released of BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Short film

On 22nd June Taehyung jumped 7 spots on Twipple Japan and is now trending in Top 5. Most used keywords related to his trend are: “Tete-chan glasses” and “Tete’s Voice”, Taehyung is the only BTS member trending in Top 5.

On 13th July 2020 Taehyung: °”TETE” Trending #28 in Yahoo Japan searches, trending higher “BTS” °Taehyung currently Trending #2 in Twipple Japan, highest amongst members °BTSV Trending #3 in Google Japan Trends After #YourEyesTell Performance

On 1st April 2021 V / Kim Taehyung is currently trending at #4 on Twipple Japan after FilmOut Release

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