BTS Nominated For Three Categories At The Brazilian ‘Tudo Information Awards 2021’

BTS was nominated in 3 categories at the ‘Tudo Information Awards 2021’ They are nominated for “Group of the Year,” “International Success” and “International Fandom.” Tudo Information Awards 2021′ is a Brazilian awards show that takes place annually, honoring the year’s biggest achievements in music, film, television, and Brazilian internet content. Voting runs until May 15 (you can vote once a day HERE.

Voting takes place through the official website and Twitter. It was the first Brazilian award to be conferred on a K-pop group. In 2020, it received 94 million votes. The list of nominees for the award is chosen by entertainment professionals in Brazil and by the ceremony’s organizing body, taking into account several criteria,  including those that stand out most in their areas of expertise. Only the “Best Reality Star” category receives nominations from the public.

In 2017 the Awards became the first Brazilian award ceremony to put K-pop groups on its list of nominees. That year, BTS won International Group and Fandom of the Year, thus helping the popularization of K-pop music in Brazil. In 2018 Anitta led the list with 5 nominations, followed by BTS, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Cardi B and Camilla Cabello with 4 nominations each.



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