BTS Jungkook’s Cover of Lauv’s “Never Not” Tweet Turns One This Year, Here Are The New Records it Holds

On May 2, BTS’ Jungkook Posted a Tweet, with a cover of Lauv’s song, “Never Not” on BTS’s official Twitter account, the tweet smashed the Internet with incredible records, it gained 1M Views in Just 10 Minutes! It’s been a year since then and the tweet now has 3.2 million views, 778K comments and 1.7 million retweets.

BTS and Lauv have collaboared in two songs “Make it Right” and “WHO”

I went into this album expecting no features and then they just all happened in a very natural way. I just met BTS at their show and they asked me to do the remix for their song and I was like, ‘Duh.’ Then I was like, ‘Oh maybe they’ll like one of the songs from my album.’ So I sent them ‘Who,’ the demo, and they loved it,” Lauv spoke of his collaboration with BTS on the song “WHO”

BTS Jungkook’s tweet of the “Never Not” cover. Sitting cross-legged on his bed in lounge wear, Jungkook, 22, then sang Lauv’s song with the stripped back guitar as his accompaniment, showing off his iconic vocals.

A year ago, BTS Jungkook broke the internet with his tweet covering the song, “Never Not.” Dominating and breaking records on several platforms with his effortless cover. Here are the records the tweet holds now.

In 2020 “Never Not” broke several records

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