BTS Jimin’s Fans Donated 60kg of Cat Food To The Gwanak Street Cat Association in Seoul Under His Name

BTS Jimin’s fans donated 60kg of cat food to the Gwanak Street Cat Association in Seoul under his name, with the proceeds from Jimin Only 2-day exhibition “Jimin Shop” Jimin’s fans influenced by Jimin, are practicing good deeds after his extraordinary love for animals. On April 27, Jimin’s fans announced the donation by saying on SNS, “Thanks to Jimin Shop, I’ve done this as a present for stray cats. It was a proud day. Just as I’m happy for Jimin, I hope the stray cats will be happy with Jimin.”

“Jimin Shop” (or Jimin Only Exhibition) is a two- day exhibition prepared by Jimin’s fans on April 3rd and 4th, that was originally planned to take place during Jimin’s birthday on October 13 last year.

The festival was intended to be held at a large venue due to its popularity and high demand, but it was delayed due to the unexpected pandemic circumstances, and reduced to a smaller scale event following quarantine rules and regulations at limiting time and personnel. At that time, the interest of not only Korean fans but also global fans gathered.

Fans who Volunteered on the event free of charge, decided to donate all of their profits to Jimin’s friends, called “kangyang” (dog + cat). Jimin is famous for his friendly chemistry with unfamiliar cats who are not easy to approach to or be relaxed when meeting them

Jimin’s good aura and kindness communicates well with others, and even unfamiliar animals have shown a warm ‘animal chemistry,’ by lowering their guard and entrusting themselves.

On January 20, a stray cat came to the place where BTS were taking family photos to mark their 7th debut anniversary, and rubbed his head against Jimin’s hands without showing alertness, and showed love for Jimin by showing his belly = trusting completely

During Bon Voyage 3 in Malta, he touched the belly of a calico cat lying down on the street While filming the Serendipity mv, he met a sensitive calico cat for the first time and played with him even when the owner advised him the cat could scratch him

In the comeback trailer for Jimin’s solo “Serendipity Jimin was lovingly holding a calico cat in his arms while singing

In addition, the wary black cat, which appeared at the overseas filming site of “American Hustle” when he was a rookie did not go to anyone, but only to Jimin, who showed a friendly appearance, was amazed at the time

Because of Jimin’s exceptional love for animals, fans who imitate him, are practicing Jimin’s good influence through donations to feed stray cats. SOURCE 1 & 2

We love an Idol who influences the good in humanity

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